It’s Not Easy Being Cancelled: ABC Mercifully Shutters Muppets Show

(Published May 13, 2016)

After only one season, ABC has cancelled the reboot of The Muppets. The show was supposed to be an instant success (who doesn’t love Kermit and Miss Piggy?), but the reboot took on a dark and edgy flair that didn’t resonate with fans of the original Muppets.



Instead of sticking to what made the original Muppets a classic, this new batch used their TV platform to push a social agenda. One episode preached about gender fluidity. The male puppets expressed their interest in Josh Groban, and justified it by saying that Groban’s gender was fluid. Maybe puppets don’t really understand human biology. Ignorance, however, doesn’t change the fact that people still have the same biological parts every single morning.

Another episode attempted to bash Italian Americans who had not yet learned English. Never mind that Italians are a fully assimilated, hugely successful American immigration story. And the Left would never level the same criticism at any other ethnic group (Bienvenido a América!).

And in one last desperate effort to improve the show’s abysmal ratings, Miss Piggy pulled a Miley Cyrus and twerked and chest-jiggled her way through an office boardroom. Miss Piggy dressed as a stripper does not belong in a “family” show.

It’s not easy being green, and when a classic becomes just another branch on the TV sewer, it’s not easy making it either. After obtaining a pathetic 1.9 rating, ABC is saying goodbye to The Muppets. Sorry Kermit, but it looks like you’ll have to go find your rainbow connection somewhere else.

Go to Newsbusters for the original post.


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