Hillary Clinton Joins ‘Ghostbusters’ Cast on ‘Ellen’

(Published May 17, 2016)

Go to Newsbusters for the original post.

Hillary Clinton: secretary of state, presidential candidate and, now, ghostbuster.

Entertainment Weekly announced Tuesday that Clinton will join the all-female cast of the upcoming Ghostbusters film on The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing May 25.

The Ghostbusters remake intends to prove that girls can hunt down ghosts just as well as the guys did 30 years ago. The four stars, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, have made a name for themselves as comedy powerhouses. Clinton appears to want to try her hand at comedy now too.

On Twitter, Ellen DeGeneres was ecstatic about this upcoming feminist dream show:

One feminist writer gushed that “maybe Clinton will bring them all her official “Woman Card,” so they can all carry feminism around in their wallets and rep Team Hillary.”
This is just another example of liberal Hollywood using its powerful platform to support its political candidates. The entertainment world boasts some of Clinton’s biggest fans – just look at CBS’ Madam Secretary (inspired by Clinton) or even the cast of ABC’s Scandal (whom Clinton visited on set).


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