Wanda Sykes on Chelsea Show: Anti-Obama Crowd ‘Crazy’

(Published May 20, 2016)


Netflix and Chelsea Handler have come together to create the newest lefty talk show: Chelsea.

Having spent years as a traditional talk show host, Chelsea Handler is trying something new with her Netflix spot. The show is Netflix’s first-ever talk show and streams three nights a week, though Netflix subscribers can watch the episodes whenever they choose. Being on Netflix also allows Chelsea to be free from ratings pressure, meaning she has the freedom to do almost anything she wants.

Last night, she wanted to talk about the 2016 election. The show’s featured guests included lesbian comedian Wanda Sykes and Jon Favreau, former head speechwriter for President Obama.

The opener featured Chelsea interviewing four elderly Florida residents about who they were supporting in the upcoming election. Three of them were Hillary Clinton supporters. The lone Trump supporter was told to “explain himself” and was called a “racist” for not supporting Obama’s presidency.

Up next on the show was Wanda Sykes. Host Chelsea Handler asked Sykes about how she deals with people who “hate Obama.” Sykes response? “You can’t talk to crazy. Because when people come at you and say ‘Obama did this, it’s so grounded in, just, lies. So how do you argue with someone who…can’t even get to the truth, not even dealing with facts?”

Chelsea elaborated the point, saying “It’s hard to know though when someone’s just really hot-headed or certifiable crazy. Because you want to engage, you think you’re gonna change someone’s mind, you want to get passionate, you’re like ‘No, you f*cking idiot, I’ll tell you!’ and then you’re like “Oh no, I don’t want to talk to that person, they’ve got a gun.” In the liberal world, all truly crazy people own guns.

In his segment, Favreau continued the theme. He asserted that Trump “is not going to win,” because “the majority that twice elected the first black president is not going to elect the Donald Trump.” He went on to say that Trump “was able to successfully con about 40% of the Republican Party, which is really not a difficult task….but he won’t be able to do that with the American majority.”

The Chelsea Show makes no secret about its allegiances. Chelsea lamented that she wishes “we could elect [Obama] again.”

Go to Newsbusters for the original post.


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